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The Power Of Accepting Yourself


In February 2013  The power of accepting Yourself  became the no 1 best selling self help book on Amazon UK

It also got into the top 100 best selling digital download books on Amazon kindle reaching no 32 on Saturday 16th February 2013.

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Other therapists say:

“An excellent book that doesn't take long to read, but could change your life.”
Tom Butler-Bowdon, author of Never Too Late To Be Great: The Power of Thinking Long.

“This little book packs a lot into a short space and is pitched just right for many therapy clients or other individuals who want to tackle problems of self-acceptance. I highly recommend it.”
Donald Robertson, author of, The Philosophy of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT): Stoic Philosophy as Rational and Cognitive Psychotherapy.

“This book is short but comprehensive. It can be used as a self-help manual or as a reminder to therapists of just how straightforward and uncomplicated therapy can be when self- acceptance is the central theme.”
Gloria May, Hypnotherapist, reviewed in INTEGRITY - Journal of the National Council of Psychotherapists.

“Michael is the master at paring away everything superfluous. I've had several copies but keep giving them to clients, nearly all of whom find it clear and very helpful. Yes we all ‘know’ this stuff but Michael gets it down to practical knowledge... and it works. Just wish that all therapy and self-help books were this simple and clear.”
Mark Davis Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist

What I like about this book is that it held my attention easily. As a book, it is accepting of the human condition. Self-help doesn't need loads of theory and hundreds of exercises. The book accepts itself for what it is, keeping things simple. The range of advice and exercises Cohen provides is both plenty and not too much. There is variety here that allows you to practice and develop tools for relaxation, for self-awareness, for new ways of thinking and for new routines. The exercises all complement each other, and they all stand-alone too. This book is a good introduction to what therapy really is about. Modern therapy is not about `being analysed', but about training us in self-analysis. Once we know what we are doing, we can change it. A contradiction? Not if what we need to change is our belief that we need to change.

A super little book that demystifies modern therapy and presents an easy programme of change for the reader.

By Lorna Cordwell Therapist Harley Street, London

What Readers Say...

This book is fantastic. The ideas put forward can help anyone to change the way that they think, view and act in certain situations in life. I would recommend this book to anyone. The ideas and tips given can help to change your life.
Ms. S. McCoy

A lifesaver

I found this book extremely helpful as it describes my occasional irrational thought patterns to a tee. The good sense and exercises contained in the book have just helped me get through a difficult episode. I know that I am likely to falter in the future though also realise that I am not defined by my mistakes or perceived limitations. And I now have this book to remind me when I forget.
Paul John Gething

This is an absolutely amazing book. From the moment I started to read it I just could not put it down.What Michael has written just confirms my beliefs and I have already been leading my life as he suggests for many years.

Michael Cohen has a true insight to human nature and with his clever intellect has put across all the knowledge he has acquired into a "Masterpiece" of written art that I have never come across before.

Thank you Michael you have my ACCOLADE. Read Michael's book if you want TRUE HAPPINESS in your life and never look back!!
Anne Gelder 

Michael Cohen's "The Power of Accepting Yourself" is among the most practical and beneficial self-help books I've ever studied. It is admirably unique in that the author goes to extraordinary lengths to write clearly and simply. Cohen also writes in a lighthearted and entertaining way. There is nothing boring or dry in the entire book. I actually enjoyed learning about my own psychological maladies. I don't usually enjoy self-examination, but I definitely did this time, with this book, probably because I experienced an immediate benefit from implementing Michael Cohen's suggestions. I have never met Michael Cohen, but I felt that he knew me well.
David Mills (Huntington, WV)

Everyone should read this book ! As well as it being a great read, Its like a therapy session, It opens one's mind, it can be read in a day, but you will rememember certain sentences for a life time, Thank you Michael Cohen for sharing great knowledge.
Carron Smith

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Rethink It! Practical Ways to Rid Yourself of Anger, Depression, Jealousy and Other Common Problems

bookDo you tell yourself, "I'm not good enough," or "Things are far too difficult, why should I even try?"

Words like this affect the way we feel and act. Such negative talk leads to fear, anxiety, depression and a 'why bother' attitude.

Rethink it! gives practical advice on tackling destructive thoughts that lead to anger, rejection, shame, jealousy, fear and worry.

Rethink it! is a self-improvement tool kit that can be dipped into and doesn't have to be read from cover to cover.

Learn how to be more assertive, improve your communication, have better relationships and even overcome blushing.

Michael Cohen is a London therapist with 30 years of experience and is bestselling author of The Power of Accepting Yourself.


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What Readers Say...

“Jargon-free, accessible, focused and helpful. This book is full of practical and easy to follow exercises to help challenge the negative thinking in which we all engage. It shows you practical ways to change old, unhealthy behaviour patterns and apply them to specific problems like anxiety, depression, shame, blushing, jealousy, smoking and much more. Michael Cohen has taken the trouble to explain the concepts and methods clearly and simply. No wading through hefty tomes to get to the point in this book. It’s all here, clearly laid out and waiting to be applied. The author seems to have condensed 28 years of his experience as a therapist into this brilliant, little book with simple, easy to follow exercises to help you help yourself.”

“I purchased this book as I wanted some help in easy to understand clear speak.
I'm often put off by huge books that basically have a few good points and are then padded out with chapter upon chapter of rubbish that I don't need or want or is written in such a way that I need a dictionary to understand it.
The author (Michael Cohen) seems to be targeting people like me who want to have help from someone who really understands people in today's society. The current needs and challenges that life throws at you can sometimes result in stress and negativity that I want to rid myself of that this book is really helping me with!
I would happily and readily recommend this to family, friends and work colleagues.”

“Rethink it!” is a superbly-written tool kit for anyone hoping to overcome problems of anger, depression, jealousy and other emotional maladies. It is written by Michael Cohen, who authored the bestseller “The Power of Accepting Yourself.” “Rethink it!” teaches the reader how to transform his or her thinking and behavior — and therefore how to transform dysfunctional emotions into healthy, rational emotions. This book is especially enjoyable and beneficial for the average, lay reader.

There are several factors that I particularly like about this book. First, it is indeed practical. Michael Cohen goes out of his way to write in a clear and entertaining way. He frequently enumerates (1,2,3,4,…) the precise steps you need to take to surmount a specific psychological block or affliction. This might be a problem with dieting or smoking or drug abuse. He even covers such issues as fear of blushing, fear of embarrassment, panic attacks, and common phobias like agoraphobia (page 49). He also reveals his own techniques for relaxation and staying at peace with yourself — techniques which do not depend on any particular religious belief or affiliation. The book is applicable to literally anyone. Cohen reiterates the phrase "Rethink it!" throughout the text of the book to encourage the reader to reevaluate bad psychological habits and to fix them. He shows you exactly how to accomplish your behavioral and emotional goals.

Yet another factor I loved about this book was Cohen’s explanations as to how and why we develop psychiatric issues to begin with. Cohen describes how today’s dysfunctional emotions may have been, at one point in human history, beneficial or even life-saving (page 22). But Cohen points out why today’s modern society no longer requires us to suffer death-like fears about what are, today, non-threatening situations, such as social disapproval. I must say that I found Cohen’s explanations much more plausible and satisfying than a lot of Freud’s wild and complicated speculation about the origin of human emotional suffering. But as Cohen points out here and elsewhere: the origin of your problem is not as important as the cure — a cure which this book provides to those willing to employ its suggestions.

Page 85 begins a brief section on what Cohen calls “practicing mindfulness.” As in other parts of the book, Cohen details how to concentrate on the moment at hand and on your empirical surroundings, rather than focusing fruitlessly on vague anxieties about “dangers” that will never actually occur.

I have never met Michael Cohen. But I know from roundabout observation that he is a man who definitely practices what he preaches. He is a kind, generous man of a peaceful, happy demeanor. To me, this gives additional credibility to the advice presented in this outstanding book. Another well-earned five stars for Michael Cohen and “Rethink it!”
David Mills, Huntington, West Virginia

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